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Labour Ward Midwife shares her experience of referring a woman in her care into Connected...

“I am so happy that I contacted you that shift for some support for this woman. I haven’t used your service before and can honestly say from start to finish WOW! What an amazing service you provide!

I’ve seen the posters around labour ward and heard of the services you provide. After hearing this woman say her partner can’t attend, I just felt so much for her. I read the poster and the phrase “it’s never too late to refer someone" stood out and proved to be very accurate!I asked consent from the woman with no promise of success; I spoke to yourselves who were so obliging and helpful. From the first phone call you genuinely cared, and it felt like would go out of your ways to provide the support she needed. In a short while the Perinatal Peer Supporter arrived and was there to be the Birth Buddie the woman needed.

I have spoken to the midwives who cared for her, and the peer supporter was fabulous, she was so empathetic and caring and was just what our woman needed. Even though the birth didn’t quite go to plan it just highlighted the importance of women having someone by their side. The fact that the peer supporter stayed with her through it all and supported her when she needed it most just highlights the compassion, dedication and training invested in the Perinatal Peer Supporters!

I for one have raved about your service and have told every midwife I come across about this fabulous service. Keep up the amazing work!”

Senior Midwife, Labour Ward, Royal Derby Hospital

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