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One to One support

Connected volunteer perinatal peer supporters are simply kind, caring and non-judgemental people who have been carefully recruited and trained to provide you with support.

Whether you would like someone to have a cup of tea with, to pack your hospital bag with, someone to visit you at home or to support you throughout labour and birth, one-to-one support might be the right option for you.


You can self-refer or ask your preferred health/social care professional to refer you.


Expectant or new parent (baby 3 months or younger)

 Receiving/received maternity care at/under the care of Royal Derby Hospital

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"When I met my peer supporter at home, I felt immediately at ease. Just having someone completely impartial made it much easier for me to open up and she really helped me get my confidence back. She made me think about how I was feeling in a different way and I'm so happy that I found her.

I have a lot of support from family and friends who are also new mum's but it was so much easier talking to my peer supporter as I could see that she understood completely and without judgement.

When it was time for my peer support to finish, I felt like myself again, and even though it was sad going for our final meeting, it made me see how far I have come. The service made such a difference and helped me massively."

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